Mission Statement

Hi there. You came to the right place. The Build Creative is a full service video boutique. We collaborate with corporations and professionals obsessed with creating polished, sophisticated, and compelling videos that communicate their unique identities.

Elliot Moore Co-Founder / Business Development

Elliot is the creative liaison between some of the largest conglomerates in Silicon Valley and the Creative Expertise of the Build Creative. When he isn’t drinking IPA’s with prospects, he is directing and producing projects for The Build. Otherwise he’s exploring and crafting his own narrative stories.

Sharif Nakhleh Co-Founder / Creative Director

Sharif creates concepts, directs, and edits videos at The Build. When he’s not distilling a feeling or idea down to its root, he’s usually thinking of new ways to tell a story... preferably ones that feature cats, so that he may gain their respect. In the end it’s about respect.

Michael Epple Co-Founder / Visual Director

Mike has been a Director of Photography and creative for over 10 years. He has worked extensively with ad agencies and production companies alike. But basically he likes looking at things, for a long time. So long that it gets uncomfortable, until something else shiny distracts him.

Jack Birmingham Co-Founder / Lead Copywriter

Jack Birmingham writes, directs, edits and plays first base for the Build Creative. He has more than 15 years of experience creating a wide variety of video content and can see a project through from initial concept to final cut. Bats left, throws right. He keeps the competition guessing.

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